Our writings appear in many places, both in print and online. Our primary focus is on solid, factual discussion of the labyrinth and its place in the world, historically and currently. Many of Jeff’s labyrinth articles are available through the Labyrinthos archive, but  a sampling of Kimberly’s thoughts and words can be found here.

A Writerly Soul

My Labyrinth Journey

I’ll Meet You There

Labyrinth & Tarot

Is That a Fact?

Two Labyrinths on English Needlework Samplers


We have also written or contributed to a number of books, including the following:

Magical Paths: Labyrinth & Mazes in the 21st Century by Jeff Saward

Magical Paths looks at the mythology, history, and evolution of mazes and labyrinths, as well as how today’s artists and designers have created examples, in both public and private settings, that reflect the modern search for inner peace and entertainment. Paperback edition published by Mitchell Beazley, London, 2008, is currently available from Amazon or other online booksellers and can be ordered at all good bookstores.

Labyrinths & Mazes by Jeff Saward

 Labyrinths & Mazes is the comprehensive sourcebook, for researchers, students and enthusiasts, experts and beginners alike, documenting their complex history from prehistory to modern times, explores the eternal fascination of these magical patterns and pathways and shows the diversity of labyrinths and mazes worldwide. Paperback  published in the USA by Lark Books, New York, 2003, now out of print, though some second hand books can still be located

Through the Labyrinth by 
Hermann Kern, ed. Robert Ferré & Jeff Saward

This definitive scholarly catalogue of historic labyrinths from around the world has become a classic in the field. Translated to English with addenda by Saward and Ferré, this updated editionis an essential (if expensive) addition to the bookshelf of all labyrinth enthusiasts. Prestel, Munich, 2000.

Learning with the Labyrinth: Creating Reflective Space in Higher Education edited by Jan Sellers and Bernard Moss

A discussion of the theory and practice of labyrinths and their use in higher education, with contributions by educators from around the world. Jeff and Kimberly each authored a chapter in the book. Published 2016 by Palgrave Macmillan as part of the Palgrave Teaching and Learning series.


Working with the Labyrinth: Paths for Exploration by Ruth Sewell, Jan Sellers, and Di Williams

Packed full of advice and ideas on working with labyrinths in many different contexts, with contributions from many experts in the field. Kimberly wrote the foreward, and Jeff authored a chapter on Constructing Temporary and Permanent Labyrinths.  Editors: Ruth Sewell, Jan Sellers and Di Williams.  Published by Wild Goose, 2012.