Labyrinthos publishes two annual journals, Caerdroia and Labyrinth Pathways.

Caerdroia is the independent journal for the study of mazes and labyrinths. Founded in 1980 by Jeff Saward, the journal acts as a forum for historical and theoretical research, the publication of archive material and as a monitor of current developments with the field. Copies may be purchased online from Labyrinthos.

Labyrinth Pathways focuses on the labyrinth as it appears in spirituality, health, and the art. Founded in 2007 by Jeff and Kimberly Saward, Pathways is  published for digital distribution to members of The Labyrinth Society as a member benefit. Individual copies might be available to nonmembers by contacting the Society directly.

We welcome submissions to both journals from authors and researchers around the world. Our submission guidelines are published on the Labyrinthos website.