A-maze-ing London!

Victory Park Mirror Labyrinth

London has had a difficult week, but the city was pulsing with vibrant energy when we took the train in to visit friends yesterday. With cameras in hand, we headed first to the Mirror Labyrinth in Victory Park to play with our reflections. Created within the boundaries of the Olympic Park in 2015, the Mirror Labyrinth is the work of Danish artist Jeppe Hein. Thanks to Jan Sellers for beautifully capturing our enjoyment of the morning:

Sawards at Victory Park

London is well connected, so all we had to do was jump on the 97 bus to get us to Coronation Gardens where there is a lovely hedge maze that is perfect for young visitors.

Coronation Gardens Maze

We aren’t sure exactly when the maze was planted, but Jan’s research indicates that it is at least 40 years old, and perhaps closer to 50 (circa 1960-1970). The park itself dates back to c. 1902 when Leyton Council received a grant of £1000 to transform the area into a public garden, a feat they accomplished over the course of 4 months time, with a workforce of unemployed men. It was very popular up until World War 2, when London’s East End was heavily bombed. Restoration work was carried out between 1998 and 2003 to recreate and enhance its original features.

Coronation Gardens Maze

Whilst not in the original plans, the maze is reputed to have historic links to Ruckholt Manor, and the idea is plausible as many of those grand homes and gardens did feature such hedge mazes. Jan is working to find out more, and has promised to write an article for future publication in Caerdroia.

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