Poetic Addendum

This little display hangs in one of the small side rooms in the Hilton Village Hall; we don’t know what year these poems were penned, but I love the sense they give of local village pride, and their commitment to keeping their heritage alive. We have visited Hilton enough times to have witnessed decades of family picnics and children at play on the maze to know for ourselves that it is enjoyed as much now as it ever has been.

The Maze

In Good King Charles’s golden days
William Sparrow cut the Maze,
So that Hilton children might
Run its course to their delight,
As he himself had doubtless done
Upon the Maze at Comberton —
Comberton, the home it’s written
Of Sparrow’s sister, Martha Britton.
But Comberton, through sad neglect,
Has let its ancient maze be wrecked,
While Hilton Maze survives today
For children still to run and play.
Long may it last to be a joy
To every Hilton girl and boy.

by  Richard Garnett

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