Friends on our Path

For the past several years we have been working on a project with our friend Els van Lierop from the Netherlands. Like so many of us, she has followed numerous paths over the course of her lifetime, and before we met her on the labyrinth, she was a leader in developing the Alaskan Husky breed in Europe.

Because of the pioneering nature of her work, it seemed essential to document and record her experiences and adventures. With our encouragement and technical support, she now has an extensive website, publishes a blog, and has now written her first book. (in Dutch only). We are proud of her and delighted to have been part of both the process and the project.

Being the woman she, though, she isn’t done yet! She is working on translating the book into English and hopes that English edition will be out in early 2019, and already has a second book in mind.

5 thoughts on “Friends on our Path

  1. Lea says:

    This is such a remarkable legacy of El’s passion for the Huskies that hold such an important place in her heart! I am so happy that her work and knowledge will be all the more available to others! Thank you Labyrinthos and thank you Els!

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