Constance Storrs Lecture

We are excited to announce that Kimberly will be speaking at a special online event on December 1.

Constance Storrs Lecture

Kimberly says: Most of you know how important pilgrimage is to me, and I’ll be weaving the story of my pilgrimages around other themes that are also meaningful to me – namely the labyrinth and the Hero’s Journey.

For me, this is a marvelous opportunity to talk about things that matter deeply and hopefully encourage others to see themselves as both heroes and pilgrims. I will be telling the stories behind my own camino experiences over the past eleven years as proof that pilgrimage is as much about the heart as it is the feet.

Full information and registration links can be found on the CSJ website. The CSJ offers support to pilgrims both before and after their camino, so please enjoy a good browse and indulge in a bit of dreaming!

There is a small fee as this is a fundraiser for the organization that is sponsoring it – I have been volunteering for them for the past year – and registration is open to all, no matter where in the world you happen to be.

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