All Things Labyrinthine!

Here at Labyrinthos HQ we are incredibly fortunate to spend our days immersed in all things labyrinthine. We are catching up with the times and throwing open our virtual office door to update our friends and colleagues on our adventures, endeavours, and research.

We have been working behind the scenes to update our overall online presence and will be launching a new and improved website soon, with this blog incorporated to share some of the fascinating things that cross our desks on a regular basis. This is an open invitation to all our colleagues and fellow enthusiasts to join us in our work – and hopefully we will both inform and inspire you with photos, articles, and opinions.  The easiest way to stay up to date is to sign up for email notifications on the right hand side of the blog pages, but we also share small snippets on Facebook and Twitter, so if you are engaged on either of those platforms, please join us there too (there are social media links at the top of the page).

And yes, some of the early posts on this site may look familiar to readers of my other blogs. I collected up the labyrinth specific posts from Ariadne’s Thread and Walking in the World from the past year and reposted them on this site, primarily for archival reasons. I’ll be shifting my focus on those blogs in the coming weeks in an attempt to make each more focused and specific to my varying pursuits;  I’ll announce their relaunches here in due course and hope to tempt you to follow me there as well.

8 thoughts on “All Things Labyrinthine!

    • Kimberly Saward says:

      Thanks for all your support, Erwin! Hope we send some interesting labyrinth information your way with this blog!

  1. Bonnie D Harr says:

    Absolutely love all things written and published by you all! Will look forward to following you in this new venture!

    • Kimberly Saward says:

      Thanks, Jill! I will consider captioning, but WordPress doesn’t always handle those too well… thanks for the suggestion.

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