Minotaur Mania


Mazes and minotaurs go together;
clearly you can’t have a Maze Festival without a fair few minotaurs showing up…


So what do you do with them?
Well, you could start by tossing rings onto the monster’s horns


then have a go at whacking him down



For a change of pace, you might want to try tossing a tiny I’itoi into the center of his maze


or carefully lead the rubber ducks through the spiral maze floating in the paddling pool


or roll a ball through a tilting maze


Those more technologically inclined might try to guide the ring around the maze without touching the wire. I think this kid was awarded extra stars for his intense concentration.


The community had clearly been preparing for this for awhile – the minotaur was a welcome and familiar guest, in all his forms. One of the schools exhibited some, and we especially appreciated a particularly ingenious depiction of the the minotaur and the maze, sculpted out of foam and fimo.


Minotaur Mania was originally published on Walking in the World

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