Labyrinths on the Make

As readers of Ariadne’s Thread will appreciate, our pace at Labyrinthos HQ has been a bit on the slow side this month. With healing beginning to happen, we’re looking forward to stepping back into labyrinth activity over the course of the coming weeks. Spring is normally a busy time for us, and we have visits, fun and travel planned, all with a labyrinthine theme, of course.

We had been looking forward to co-teaching a day workshop with our friend and colleague Jan Sellers of  University of Kent at Canterbury last month, but with Kimberly’s leg in plaster, she had to bow out, leaving Jan and Jeff to lead the fun.

The purpose of the day was to introduce local enthusiasts to the joys of making their own labyrinths, large and small. Opening with a short powerpoint presentation, we quickly jumped into the process starting out with simple three-circuit pencil drawings before moving on to and exploration of other materials, sizes and designs. By the end of the day, creativity and teamwork combined to quickly produce this beautiful Chakra-Vyuha labyrinth made of paper cups:


Labyrinths on the Make originally appeared on an early Labyrinthos blog.