Delightful Itchen Stoke

After seeing some discussion on the TLS Facebook page this week, we thought it might be nice to share a bit of information about the delightful little church of St. Mary’s in the English village of Itchen Stoke, along with some photos of the labyrinth that Jeff took a few years ago when the altar was briefly removed for cleaning.

Completed in 1867 (150 years ago!), the Itchen Stoke chapel, was modeled on Sainte Chapelle in Paris, which had been restored a decade earlier, while the tiled labyrinth under the altar is modeled on the labyrinth in Chartres cathedral.  Measuring slightly over 16.5 feet (5.1 metres) in diameter, it was skillfully constructed out of more than 1600 small glazed tiles. Clearly too small to be utilized for walking in the modern fashion, the labyrinth was intended as a decorative and symbolic installation, as was popular in Victorian times

For an extensive article about the Itchen Stoke chapel and its labyrinth, Caerdroia subscribers can read it in Caerdroia 45, pages 4-8, and current TLS members can read it in digital format here in the member pages of the TLS website.

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