A Prisoner’s Labyrinth

Our house (which we lovingly refer to as Labyrinthos HQ) is home to an amazing assortment of mazes, labyrinths and related ephemera that have been collected from round the world over the past 40 years or so. This beautiful locking writing box was probably made in Scotland early in the 1800’s, by a French prisoner of war, at one of the prison camps in southern Scotland, to judge from the abundance of thistles included in the inlaid ornament on the box.

The labyrinth that forms the principle design is a curious affair, a mistake in the design renders it non-traversable, but what the unknown creator of this artefact lacked in skill, he certainly made up for in enthusiasm for symbols! There will be more about this item in the next edition of our journal Caerdroia, due out in April or May this year.

Is anyone surprised that Kimberly has laid claim to the writing box?

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