An Amazing Day Out

Inspired by the recently issued Hampton Court stamps, we paid a visit to our “local” hedge maze this weekend. Saffron Walden is only an hour away from us, and is always a good day out. We shared the magic of the maze with our 9-year old granddaughter, just as parents and grandparents have been doing for [Read More]

An Amazing Stamp

As part of the recent revamp of the Labyrinthos office, we took the opportunity to reorganize our photo archive, and part of that process involved rehousing our extensive collection of vintage postcards and paper ephemera featuring labyrinths and mazes. The postcards alone fill two large card albums, and this being England, there are a number [Read More]

An Oasis in Chislehurst

Chislehurst Methodist Church is holding its Summer Oasis this month, opening its beautiful quiet space to the public, and we couldn’t resist making the trip over to Kent to see the labyrinth that Jeff designed, but had never actually seen. It is splendid, if we do say so ourselves! Installed by Andrew Wiggins and his [Read More]

Labyrinth Pathways

One of our many endeavours here at Labyrinthos HQ is to publish Labyrinth Pathways, an annual journal focusing on the labyrinth in health, spirituality, and the arts. Founded in 2007, Labyrinth Pathways is now a digital publication that is primarily distributed through The Labyrinth Society (TLS).  If you are a TLS member, you can view [Read More]

Friends on our Path

For the past several years we have been working on a project with our friend Els van Lierop from the Netherlands. Like so many of us, she has followed numerous paths over the course of her lifetime, and before we met her on the labyrinth, she was a leader in developing the Alaskan Husky breed [Read More]

A Scilly Adventure – Part 3

Our last full day dawned bright and clear, and the wind had calmed considerably. We had hoped to make the trip to Bryher, but sailing times made visiting St Martin’s a more viable option for us. We know that island well, and it is always a delight to revisit familiar paths – and labyrinths! After [Read More]

A Scilly Adventure – Part 2

Getting from one Scilly isle to another is an adventure in itself. Little open boats leave daily from the harbour at St Mary’s according to weather and tides –  for us that’s part of the fun. Our ride to St Agnes was a bit choppy following the storm that had hammered us the night before, [Read More]

A Scilly Adventure, part 1

The labyrinth leads us to amazing places. We spent last week revisiting the Isles of Scilly off the coast of Cornwall in hopes of learning a bit more about the origins of the St Agnes Troytown. We will probably never know who built it back in the 1720’s, or why, but we wanted to trawl [Read More]